Nutrition for Evolution

Part of my spiritual growth has taken an unexpected turn and has made me focus on nutrition. Yes, my energy body lives in a physical body, and therefore, I must take care of my physical body. But more than just taking care of it, it has become a change in diet. Depending on where you […]

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Letting Go

Perhaps the hardest thing to do, as humans, is the practice of letting go, not because we are consciously attached to ideas, relationships, places, or just things, but because we are unconsciously attached to ideas, relationships, places or things. So, how do we let go of things that we are both aware and unaware of? […]

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I Am Ascension

As the proud author of the Multidimensional Messages blog, I want to invite you to this new blog which I have humbly named I Am Ascension. I am not sure if I am the way to ascension, there is a possibility, as always, but I chose this title because when the reader connects with the […]

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