I Am Ascension

As the proud author of the Multidimensional Messages blog, I want to invite you to this new blog which I have humbly named I Am Ascension. I am not sure if I am the way to ascension, there is a possibility, as always, but I chose this title because when the reader connects with the title, he/she will undeniably set the wheels of higher dimensions of existence in motion.

For the followers of Multidimensional Messages, you will notice a gap of time when there were little postings. This was a time when I went through intense learning, with large amounts of information that not only came from books (I posted some reviews), but also from videos, websites, articles, magazines, meditations, people, teachers, and from all the family of light, which includes angels, archangels, spirit guides, totems, animal spirits, ascended masters, beings of light, ET’s and etc.

When I started Multidimensional Messages, I was a proud human being who had been re-awakened to his enlightened. I wanted to share my excitement with the world, as I was receiving a myriad of messages and knowledge from some of the above mentioned sources. But in reality, that was just the tip of the iceberg, and while I thought of myself as a beautiful and unique enlightened human being, well, this was nothing more than an illusion. I absolutely had no idea of the laws of the Universe, and I hadn’t opened up myself to the endless possibilities that the Universe has to offer. I was literally on page ONE of a 759 page book.

So, for 2016, I come back with enough information where I actually feel that I know something, while I have absolute certainty that I don’t know much.

As always, much love and appreciation for your time, and let me assure you that my highest intentions are set on this blog.

Love to all.


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