Nutrition for Evolution

Part of my spiritual growth has taken an unexpected turn and has made me focus on nutrition. Yes, my energy body lives in a physical body, and therefore, I must take care of my physical body. But more than just taking care of it, it has become a change in diet.

Depending on where you are one your spiritual path, you may or may not know that part of the requirement for ascension (or illumination) is that we focus more on fluids and less on solids. As we evolve as humans, our physical bodies change, and our diet must change accordingly.

This is what I have been asked so far…

First, drop beef and pork. The vibrations of these meats are too low, they just won’t let you grow to that next level. In my case, I have noticed that not long after I incorporated this requirement, my meditations have been much more lighter, and I come out feeling more awake, instead of groggy. Also, I have been able to look inside myself easier than before, versus looking to the outside. I do feel lighter.

Second, stop eating enriched foods and stop drinking soda. Basically, try to avoid everything that has bleached flour or bleached grains. My first steps on this requirement were to change the rice I eat, for a better quality one, not enriched. The same with breads. And no sodas is pretty straightforward.

And third, I have been asked to cut down on my dairy. As you could imagine, I needed to supplement the lack of red meats, so I started “binging” on cheese (protein/dairy). That didn’t go well with my body, as I started to feel bloated. I suspected it, but before I was able to take course, a message was delivered (through a friend) that I needed to cut back on dairy.

Bear in mind, these are my requirements, for myself, for a healthier body, and for a better vehicle in my ascension. I would assume that it is safe to say this applies to every one, but you know yourself better and it may be more beneficial to follow your own guidelines.

If this is resonating with you, ask for guidance on this subject. Nutrition is becoming very important in the ascension, and my guides are very emphatic that I follow this new diet and that I put my focus in this subject. And when I mean very emphatic, I mean very.


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