Is your GPS enabled?

Did you know that all humans, beings of light and from the light, come equipped with what is called a GPS (Global Positioning System), just like phones, computers and cars. We all have it to help us navigate through life’s emotions and situations, and we all have gone from point A to point B. Now, […]

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Surrender to the Light

There is a very nice state of bliss that is called “Total Surrender”. It happens when you realize that you don’t need to control your situations or outcomes, and that the Universe can take care of it all while you go along for the ride. The first step to achieving “Total Surrender” is by acknowledging […]

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Message from the P’s

Part of my process regarding Ascension had to deal with the contact of ET’s. I have been contacted by several groups/races, and all have been in amicable terms. I always ask for communication with those who have the highest intentions, meaning those interested in cooperating with the Human race in terms of our Ascension. I […]

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