Message from the P’s

Part of my process regarding Ascension had to deal with the contact of ET’s.

I have been contacted by several groups/races, and all have been in amicable terms. I always ask for communication with those who have the highest intentions, meaning those interested in cooperating with the Human race in terms of our Ascension. I will expand on this subject of ET’s as time progresses, but for now, I just want to share a message from the Pleiadians (aka Family of Light, aka Nordic Aliens, aka The P’s).


To All Starseeds,

Come out and seek out others who have been awakened. Some are lost and some have not been able to find reliable sources of information. Be their light.

The Pleiadians


This may look like a personal message for me, but it is not. It is important that you subtly touch the subject of Ascension and ET’s with other people, without causing commotion or fear. Do not let your ego make you feel important because you are awakened/activated, or because you have “secret knowledge”. Many people are out there in the dark, looking to understand what is happening, while there are many people out there withholding the information. The thirst for knowledge has been planted, and now you need to help quench that thirst.

All those who are called to serve the higher intentions of Humanity must step forward. Time is of the essence.

Love to All


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