Book Review: The Great Shift, edited by Martine Vallee

9781578634576.jpg This book has a pretty long title, that being “The Great Shift: Co-creating a New World for 2012 and beyond”. I picked it up because Lee Carroll and Kryon are featured, and trust me, Kryon has one of the best messages out there. Kryon is available through books and videos, some on Youtube, some at other sites.

Book Review

This book has been edited by Martine Vallee, who has been an editor for several other books related to spirituality and things of that nature. This book features Lee Carroll (channeling Kryon), Tom Kenyon (channeling Mary Magdalene and The Hathors), and Patricia Cori (channeling The High Council of Sirius). Each channeler gets a brief introduction, and each channel gets interviewed by Martine Vallee, making this a three part book. Also, this book was published prior to 2012, as a preparation to the end of the Mayan Calendar and the apocalypse of the naysayers.

Part one with Lee Carroll and Kryon include many “light”scientific discussions of DNA and the evolution of humanity. Also, Kryon touches on the approach of the year 2012 using numerology and his insight. I am a fan of Kryon so I almost feel like anything Kryon says leaves me open mouthed. Part two is conducted with Tom Kenyon, his partner Judi Sion, and he channels Mary Magdalen and then The Hathors. First, Mary Magdalen speaks about her life as a leader of the Essenes, about the teachings of Jesus, and about the importance of the Divine Feminine. The Hathors, well, they are special and they talk about the power of sound and the power of sacred geometry, while touching on the subject of crop circles. And finally, part three wraps up with Patricia Cori, a channeler who has been doing extensive work in sacred sites and who currently is the guardian of three crystal skulls. Her channel, the High Council of Sirius, speaks of ancient Egypt and several other ancient world sites.

This book is one of the lighter reads I have had regarding these subjects, yet one of the most informative ones. Also, it is very important in the sense that it provides an example of what Light Workers do besides channeling important information.

I highly recommend this book.



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