Is your GPS enabled?

Did you know that all humans, beings of light and from the light, come equipped with what is called a GPS (Global Positioning System), just like phones, computers and cars. We all have it to help us navigate through life’s emotions and situations, and we all have gone from point A to point B.

Now, some have arrived to their destination, and some have not. Those that have arrived know it in their heart, while those who have not arrived also know it in their heart. If you are honest with yourself and look in your heart, you will know if you have reached your destination because you will find the most sought-after treasure the Universe has to give, and that is Peace.

If you look in your heart, and you find Peace, you have arrived to your destination.

Here is how we get lost. We ask a monk what to do. We compare ourselves to our neighbors. We follow a guru aimlessly. We listen to our significant other because we want to please. We conform to society. We follow patterns that have been handed down. We agree. We silence our voice…

How can you be honest with yourself if you have shut down your GPS? How can you say “I am where I have to be” if all you have done is followed someone else in their journey?

You need to open up your eyes, and ask for courage, ask for strength to look inside your heart and find if you are at peace with yourself. If you are not, it is time to turn ON your GPS and start living the life that you deserve.

Peace be in your heart.


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