Our children come pre-programmed

It always amazes me to see how much children know.

In our cloudy society/culture, we think that dealing with children is homologous to dealing with talking tumbleweeds. We always think that we are introducing children to new subjects because we consider them to be a blank page paired with a blank stare. We also think that we need to guide them, again thinking that they are rambling fools waiting for an accident to happen and that we are their guides and saviors. Yet nothing is further from the truth. And here is the proof…

Children come with a predisposition for certain subjects. You can put math, science, art, athletics in front of them, and they will decide which they like. Try to teach math to an artistic kid or an athletic kid, see what happens. They will not want to do anything with it.

Also, children come with certain personality and attributes that have nothing to do with the family they are born in. No parent or sibling is a musician, and here comes a great musician. Who can (or dares to) explain what is going on?

Yet the most strange situation is when kids show an adult personality with tastes, preferences and opinions that most of us acquire in adulthood. It could be passion for clothing styles, communication, cooking, singing, information gathering, collecting, etc., children have very definite personalities and likes.

Here comes the metaphysical part. If you could see the soul inside every Human, you would see a Light that is gentle and beautiful, and it resides right where your Heart Chakra is. This Light, believe it or not, is the same for Masters and Students, rich and poor, men and women, young and old. It is exactly the same Light (with hues) in everyone. Why do we differentiate based on physical appearance, status, color, etc.?

This is what I want you to know. Children are our gift. Nurture them and encourage them to be Master Creators in the subject of their liking. Be gentle. Don’t cram them with useless information, they will get bored. Give them time and space to imbibe in their passion(s).

The times of the Plato’s Academia and Aristotle’s Lyceum are 2000 years gone. We no longer need to be well versed in everything. The height of the Encyclopedia is 500 years old. Do we need to have Encyclopedic knowledge? Answer: No! It’s boring!

Recognize the Divinity in the little ones.

Love and Light to all.





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