Book Review: The Arcturian Anthology by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion

31jqyd9mv4L._BO1,204,203,200_ Tom Kenyon is more notably known for his work with a group collective called The Hathors. With this group, he uses sounds, vocals, and editing to present some pretty cool “sound healing” music. He has also toured the world bringing these sounds to areas in danger, as well as offering workshops related to playing healing sounds.

Book Review

This is a book that comes with a CD for meditation. That makes it pretty outstanding. But besides the freebie, this book also shares lots of knowledge.

The Arcturian Anthology is a collection of messages from an ET race called the Arcturians, a race that mostly resides in the fifth dimension and a race whose mission is to promote benevolence and to offer protection. Their most notable personality would be Commander Sanat Kumara who patrols our Milky Way.

This book narrates how Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion came in contact with Frephios, an Arcturian Warrior, and after a brief introduction from The Hathors, it then presents the messages from the selected Arcturians, which include Commander Sanat Kumara, the Science Officer Ektara, the Librarian Enandra, Mary Magdalen, Yeshua ben Joseph, the Healer Azuron, the Meditation Master Esu, and then then Warrior Frephios.

I found this book very interesting, as it has pieces of our history as well insight about our future. I particularly enjoyed the meditation techniques taught by Esu, and you will find the CD useful if you decide to practice these meditations.

The Arcturian Anthology is a quick read, and if you are new to these ideas and subjects, prepare to get mind-blown. If you have reached the stage where nothing surprises you anymore, then you will find it to be a very enjoyable and heart warming read.


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