How to end a relationship

I think that most romantic and intimate relationships end when things go sour and one person can no longer stomach the other, and I use stomach because the feeling of incompatibility is a very visceral process and centered in your solar plexus, or third chakra. When things go sour, we tend to turn our back and say goodbye, hurt or no hurt, doubt or no doubt, pain or no pain.

It is this type of situation that creates most negative karmic energy. When you walk away from that sour relationship, you are taking the sour grapes with you.

So here is something for you to try in this situation.

After you have decided it’s time to move on, acknowledge your soon to be “ex” for all his/her good qualities. Acknowledge him/her for all the good times. Acknowledge what made you fall in love, do crazy things, have a good time, etc. Acknowledge all the good.

And then say goodbye to all the goodness. See the bad with the good, make a balance of what you prefer and of what does not resonate with you anymore. Build a moment of closure and make peace with it. Say goodbye.

So, why do this?

When relationships end because of arguments and misunderstandings, or because partners no longer get along and they have different goals, there is a disagreement. This dissonance causes a break up that may not be amiable, and you end your relationship in bad terms. You basically walk away from a jerk.

What you don’t see is the karma that you created. If you walk from an unresolved situation, you will attract the same relationship in the future because relationships are about learning and co-creating. If you end it by co-creating disharmony, well, you will be attracting disharmony in your future relationships. This is how you end up in that cycle of “jerks”. For some people this could last years, for some others, lifetimes.

But for those who understand karma, how the Universe works, etc., and for those who do not create karma (most of the time), we can get you out of the loop, really quickly.

So, I hope these words help you line up your next relationships in good light.

Love to all.






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