Transmutting Anger to Love

Here’s a personal practice.

Anger is one of the base emotions, meaning that it is a very grounding emotion, a very visceral emotion. Anger is also located at the bottom of the vibrational scale, meaning that it is a very mundane vibration (versus spiritual or non-physical). It doesn’t mean that anger is a bad emotion, not at all, anger is just one of the strongest earthly emotions.

Before I tell you how to turn anger to love, you need to understand, again, that anger is just an emotion, and these emotions help us create our preferences, and hence, our reality and our world. Understand anger as a tool to guide you towards your preference.

When you feel anger, it is good to know exactly what you are feeling. For example, do your ears burn or ring, does your face turn red, does your head heat up, does your belly burn, do you feel your solar plexus release energy, etc. Acknowledge the sensations created by this emotion.

Following is the part where we transmute anger to love.

After you have acknowledged the bodily sensations created by anger, you need to turn your inner body in a body of light. You need to fill your body with light, as if you were turning yourself into a quartz crystal, or like a white piece of burning charcoal. I find the burning charcoal my favorite because anger releases lots of heat.

So, after you have turned yourself into white light, you are going to release the anger through your heart cavity, your heart chakra. You will exhale the anger through your fourth chakra, and as this is happening, you will feel nothing but know that you are releasing waves of love.

When you do this, you will feel calm. You will be balanced. You will understand that anger is working on your behalf to create a better reality. You will release that moment of anger and fill it with peace instead. And you will love the opportunity you have been given to create a better world for yourself.

Love and light to All.


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