Book Review: Letters From Wanderlust by Hector Jesus Arencibia

5172+M6pDoL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_So, I met Hector at a spiritual gathering and was made aware that he was working on publishing his first book. Imagine that! I have been around a few people who have published their first books, and I know some that have gone on to become established and very prolific authors, and some whose main mission was to publish that one book and that’s it. I, or me, being a fanatic of artistic expression and creation, was immediately on board of Hector’s mission and followed him through the last steps in this book publishing journey.

Book Review

This is a travel book. But it is a travel book of spiritual awakening and softening of the self. It starts with Hector suddenly facing himself and realizing the void that his Miami lifestyle had created. Upon this realization, Hector decides to pack up and head West, as if he was looking for the sun to never set on him. After a few months of travel, he makes it back home, all the while leaving a trail of inspirational moments and awakenings behind.

Now, I may be a bit biased, but I really enjoyed Letters from Wanderlust. It is compact, funny, light and to the point. It is actually one of those books that leave you wanting an extra twenty more pages. I think that the more salient point is that it chronicles the journey of a tangible person, at least in my case. Overall, if you are looking for a light read (who needs a 600 page book, right?), this book will give you nearly instant gratification, and a lot to think about. Plus, there are pictures. Really good.



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