An Unlimited Vision

How many times do we hear “Life doesn’t make sense”?

How many times do we see people suffering, and we are left with the feeling of powerlessness and anguish?

Is there anything we can do?

Yes, there is. You can spread the truth. You can spread the truth in a very simple way. All you have to do is tell people that life is endless. That the soul is eternal. That there is no void after physical death. That before they came into this world, they made a master plan of experiences and emotions. And that they are free. Free to make any decisions they need to make.

Life with limitations is suffering. Don’t let your brothers and sister suffer.

If we let people think that life begins at the moment of birth in the current lifetime, and that life ends with the physical death, we are no better than a sleeping mind. Instead, wake them up, gently, only expressing your view and not trying to convince them. This is very important.

Life with limitation is suffering. Remember that. Allow people to open up to the possibility of life before and after death, and this will help them see things from a different perspective, maybe even from your perspective.

Tell people the truth. Tell them they weren’t made by mom and dad. Tell them they don’t go to sleep in paradise for eternity. Tell them they are souls with a mission and an undying need for expansion and creation, and that this is in accord with Divine Creation.

And make sure to tell them the Universe loves them. And that you love them as well.

Love to all, as always.


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