The Rise of the Empath

Thanks to those diligent Lightworkers and Starseeds who are working on the ascension of Humanity, more and more people are becoming intuitive. Lightworkers and Starseeds working on themselves act as beacons of light, and this light attracts more and more people. Little by little, those that were unaware of their own light are opening themselves up. By becoming less fearful and less guarded, Humanity is by default becoming more intuitive.

Before I move on, let me just clarify that we all have psychic abilities. We all can tap into multidimensionality, channeling, direct communication, astral travel, telepathy, inner peace, etc. We are all the same yet some are more attuned and aware than others. The good news is we all can do the same things. We don’t need a medium, a channeler, psychic, etc. We are all of that!

So, with this meeting of the light, “normal” people see that others have psychic abilities and want to acquire such abilities, not because it’s cool, but because it’s their natural state! The most common psychic ability is intuition, which is the opened through the heart chakra.

Now, why are we witnessing the rise of the empath? Well, becoming an empath is the first step into ascencion. Once you become an empath, you develop abilities to read people. As an analogy, I for instance was very interested in body language, and I follow many body language techniques to communicate effectively. Being aware of body language is extremely powerful in everyday communication, if used correctly. This obviously has nothing to do with being an empath, it is an example and it is related. For empaths, body language is one of the tools used to “feel”, except that the energies released by the body language are interpreted as well.

People communicate from a different combination of chakras. If you are dealing with a normal, loving person, they will communicate from the heart. Calculating people will use their crown chakra. Serene people will use their third eye, etc. So, empaths will feel these particular frequencies, and will translate into a feeling or a voice.

With more of these abilities being developed, and with more people awakening to these abilities, we are bound to become an empath society, and if we fast forward, we will all become empaths. It is working in the same way that the internet works. Everybody wants the internet. Well, everyone will want empathy.

Like I said earlier, this is part of the ascension. What does this mean for us as Humans? Well, if we are able to discern between the ones who talk to us with love versus the ones who talk to us with judgement, we will direct our focus to those who love us. Those who judge and control will eventually have to change, as they are being called out and being left behind.

And this is happening right now. People are sleeping empaths. People are subject to emotion and they are reacting. The powers that be are slowly crumbling down, because we no longer want to communicate in loveless and controlling communication. We do not want to be taken advantage of, and we can tell this with our feelings. This is happening.

Love to all.


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