Book Review: The Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion



First and foremost, this is the Mary Magdalen that is being vilified by the Catholic Church and the New Testament of the Bible. She was an Initiate of the Temple of Isis and an advocate for the Divine Feminine, hardly the story “organized religion” wants you to hear. This work is not a biblical work. It is a work of the Spirit.

Book Review

This book is a three part book. First, a document channeled by Tom Kenyon and edited by Judi Sion. Second, a study of Sexual Alchemy by Tom Kenyon, and thirdly, a non fictional account of a woman’s life by Judi Sion.

The first part is a document that was transmitted by Mary Magdalen herself. There is a brief prologue that explains how she presented herself to Tom Kenyon, and how this manuscript came to being. The manuscript itself is a study of Egyptian Alchemy and the Sex Magic of Isis, very much in the line of Tibetan Tantra or Taoist Tantra. The second part is an explanation in the similarities of Egyptian Alchemy, Taoist Tantra and Tibetan Tantra. Finally, the third part is a non fictional document written by Judi Sion, which basically accounts her life from the moment of inception.

It is hard to tell which part of the book is the more important. Most would think that The Magdalen Manuscript is the key, since it explores the energies of the sex act, but I would think that the Manuscript is really just a hook to make you read the third part, “A Woman’s Story”. The account of Judi Sion’s life is so visceral that I hardly believe anyone would be the same after reading this part. I simply find it so emotionally charged that I see it as a multifaceted diamond of emotion. Beautiful and touching, deep and romantic, it really is great. I hope you read it.



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