Create a Sacred Space Part 1

There are two types of Sacred Spaces that you can create. One is a physical space, and the other an etheric/multidimensional one. In this Part 1, I will talk about a physical sacred space, and in the following Part 2, I will talk about the etheric/multidimensional sacred space.

The best place to create your sacred space is normally your home, bedroom, or sleeping area. I am obviously not discussing creating a temple, or a stargate, or a vortex, I am just discussing the most important sacred space that you need, and it is the place  where you sleep, eat, and spend a considerable amount of time, generally.

This is the Shamanic side of me speaking now. The first thing that you need to do is clean the air: for this, you need white sage or palo santo. If you have a very potent incense stick, you may use it, but I recommend one of the other two sacred herb/wood. With this you clean every area of your living quarters. It is generally called saging/smudging and you can find lots of information online and how to’s.

Second, you want to clean the floors. You can use salt and water. I would recommend Himalayan salt, or any other salt of pure origin, but even sea salt works. The water is just tap water. Here is where my Galactic Shaman side jumps in. Supposedly salt has an ionizing property that helps you balance your own frequencies, as well as having a clearing effect on lower vibrations. That’s what my guides say, I just follow. You can use this water to clean the floors, the walls, the doors,  even dump some of this water outside, whatever your intuition tells you. That’s your key, follow your intuition.

Finally, I recommend some decorations. Crystals are full of energetic frequencies, but so are some plants, paintings, mandalas, statues, books, etc. These are primarily to remind you of what you are working with at the time, as well as reminders of your mission. These reminders could be related to protection, spiritual development, anything that you need in your spiritual life. Again, follow your intuition, leave your logical mind outside and let yourself be.

I hope that you create your sacred space, regardless of my tips. These are just guidelines, what is important is that you create a space of power, peace, and growth for yourself. It is very important.

Love to all, always.


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