Create a Sacred Space Part 2

Creating a Sacred Space, in the spiritual world, is as important as daily protecting yourself and daily aligning yourself. In this Part 2, I will discuss creating an etheric/multidimensional sacred space.

A lot of people, when they meditate, like to go wherever their mind takes them. They are basically wandering in the etheric realms, and maybe even floating between dimensions. And there is nothing wrong with wandering “outside” of your body, if you know “where” you are going and “when” you are doing it. For this reason, I think that we all need to have a sacred space in the etheric, or outside this dimension, just for protection.

This sacred space is created in the mind. First, you want to create a safe and nurturing environment for yourself. If you like the beach, make it a sunny day, make sure the ocean is calm, put some fluffy clouds, etc. If you like a lake, make sure the trees around are nurturing, the insects in the grass live in harmony with you, if there is life in the lake, make it whatever species you want that is a loving specie, etc. You want this place to be just like paradise/nirvana, with every possible good quality you can think of.

Next, you will decorate with your most loved/loving things. If you had a teddy bear that offered you protection, or a toy truck/car that gave you infinite joy, put it there. If you have a painting, sit it down somewhere. If you like music, play some gentle music. Put things that will make this place joyful, yet peaceful, for you.

Finally, you want to bring some special items here. Since you are in the etheric/multidimensional, you may want to ask your guides/guardian angels with assistance. Make sure to play along, you will be surprised of what is offered to you to keep in this sacred space. You may be gifted a sword, a key, scrolls, books, gold coins, a crown, things that may seem illogical but that have a very deep spiritual meaning and that you will later decipher. Also, if you already have special items, like a stone that you had as a kid, or a coin, put it here.

This sacred space is very special for you. You can come here when you are having a tough time (to relax), when you start your meditation (to balance you), when you go to sleep (to prepare you), etc. It is important that you create this space today, as you will find out later down your spiritual path that you have created an alternate reality/dimension. This place will energize your etheric/multidimensional body. It is part of your lifetime, as you have come to live at a time when Mother Gaia is ascending.

One last thing: follow your intuition. Can’t stress this enough.

Love to all.


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