The face of your Experience

Lots of experiences we go through, in life, are normally attached to a certain someone. Examples of someones are an ex-husband/wife, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, but the list also extends to family members, schoolmates, friends, bullies, coaches, encompassing basically everyone. That individual (or someone), believe it or not, is only facilitating that experience, as he/she is only a vehicle that the Universe, conspiring with none other than you, have chosen because it was the best choice available at the time.

Just like Higher Consciousness uses colors, frequencies, sounds, sacred geometry, etc., to lock in a certain vibration (or knowledge), we Humans, as physical beings, like to attach a body to that experience, sometimes going as far as attaching a face to that body. We do.

How does this work? Pay close attention. If I mention that someone who stole your boyfriend/girlfriend, you will have a certain emotion/reaction. The same as if I show you the picture of your high school sweetheart, it will produce another emotion/reaction. As you can see, we have attached a body/face to our experiences. We do this a lot with certain songs too.

Here is the important part of this post though: release that person, whether you had a good/bad experience, from the emotion/reaction that such experience caused you. Thank them and move on.

You know you are here on this planet to experience, to remember, to achieve certain goals and missions, to live life to its fullest. Once you go through an experience that is happy or terrible, you need to thank that person that volunteered to trigger those emotions, and then you need to cut the cord! It is a project that reached completion. It’s done!

Like I said before, we are just messengers and sometimes we act a role in somebody’s life, affecting their perceptions and understandings. Others, in the same way, come into our lives just to deliver messages, some good, some bad. It is unfair to tag them with a specific adjective (good, bad, evil, terrible, holy, etc.), and it is unfair to trap them in the role they played in such experience.

It only creates karma.

Ideally, we would only have joyful and enriching experiences, yet realistically, it may not be so. The Universe, in its greatness, only wants you to experience and expand, but if you start forming attachments, you will only limit your self.

And that is against Divine Law.


Release, expand and prosper!




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