Selenite for Ascension Symptoms

As the planet heals itself, and this may take a long time, there are several ailments that affect those on the surface. Some like to refer to these ailments as “Ascension Symptoms”, although there is no obvious way to point them out. For example, on the mild end of the scale there is chronic fatigue, […]

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A Two-Dimensional Being

After my contact with My Deceased Friend, things were easy for me and also different. Being able to communicate with people who had passed on into non-physicality was now “normal”? It was something that I had experienced when I was a child, but never developed as a gift. I am spiritual, but I like the Human […]

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My Deceased Friend

Continuing from The Tipping Point I was laying on my bed, the sun had just set in the distance. My lamp was lighting the pages of a book on spirituality I was reading. This had become a renewed obsession, as it had been in prior years. Suddenly, right by the door that led to the hallway, […]

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The Tipping Point

My Re-awakening process was that: a process. It did not happen in one day, one week, one year. It took a span of more than a couple of years. This post will shed light on my process of re-awakening, as I had been awaken long before but I was what I consider “a sleeping cell”. […]

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That little voice

Something told me “Go clean out the yard”. Eh, why? I just moved into this new property with a fairly large, yet manageable, backyard. I have a yard person that comes and cleans up and stuff, so why do I have to clean up? “Go clean out the yard”, I heard again. So here I […]

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A Walk-in Experience

Walk-ins are experiences where a new soul walks in your body. This new soul is normally a more experienced soul, more able to succeed in whatever mission you have set prior to your current incarnation. This is not a possession, which only happens in the movies (the worst you can do is watch horror movies, […]

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