Anger and Fear

“This is the Alpha and the Omega”.

I opened my eyes. It was 5:52 in the morning. The number 52 (5+2) looked like the Greek letter Omega (Ω) in my digital alarm clock. “This is the Alpha and the Omega”, I heard again.

I was laying in bed, asleep, face down. The right side of my abdominal muscle, from my heart cavity to my navel, felt like a rigid wood log that was red hot and on fire. Once I noticed this, I heard, “This is anger. Release it”.

I sat up in my bed. With messages this clear and loud, I needed to meditate and pay attention.

“This is the Alpha and the Omega. From the beginning of time, life has revolved around light and darkness. Darkness. Light. They both exist in balance. It’s time to delve into it”.

Hmm… I have been experiencing with darkness for months now. Not everything in life is love and light. This is understood. Personally, there were times in my life that were very dark, with seemingly nothing positive surrounding me. At these times, I have embraced the dark, and it has been many times, times spent hiding in the shadows, sometimes even acting on behalf of the dark. This was part of my experience. This is understood.

To tell the story of how this year long (roughly) journey into the dark started will not be on this post, but I can tell you that the forces of the Dark are very real, and they are very active. If you are the Light, they know you. They know who you are, they know what you do. The only good thing I can tell you about this is that they cannot do anything to you. Nothing. Nothing physically and nothing astrally, and specially nothing at the soul level.

To put it in simple terms, the forces of the Dark act like bullies. All they want is to instill fear. That is all. Just like the forces of the Light look to expand the power of Love, the opposing team of Dark entities seeks to promote fear. This is why the opposite of Love is Fear, not Hate.

The opposite of Love is Fear. The opposite of Light is Dark.

Always remember, the forces of Dark cannot affect you.


Have you ever “felt” other people’s fear? When a human panics, or when fear sets in, humans release a strange energy that is like urine. Fear totally affects the base chakra, our survival chakra, and this weird and funky energy is released. If you are very susceptible or sensitive to human energy, you will not only feel it, but you will see that this energy is like a drug, it will get you high, it will intoxicate you. It is easy to see why some people thrive on scaring others, because this energy is very strong, very powerful and very sexual. It is also very dark…

If you believe in Collective Consciousness, you can imagine what happens when groups of humans emit fear. It is a huge event for the Dark forces. Control your fear, better yet, never fear. To add on to this, fear and anger go hand in hand. Events where fear and anger abound, like sporting events (mainly), are packed with Dark entities. Yes, they are there. It is better to avoid them all together, but if you must go, learn to control your emotions and enjoy the event, but don’t get involved in the fear or the anger. It is hard to do, but it is possible.


Later on the day, as things were winding down in my house, I remembered “The Alpha and The Omega”. 5+2 make a perfect Omega (Ω), but a 5 is not a perfect Alpha (Α). I thought maybe the number 4, but then settled on a number 2, which would be a lower case Alpha (α). That was it, 2:52 is the perfect Alpha and Omega in a digital clock.

One more thing. Who is this Alpha and the Omega? Who is the beginning and the end? Who is the day and the night? Who is the light and the dark?

End of Transmission


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