Hiking Magic

This morning I woke up with the symptoms of a common cold, but I don’t call it a common cold, I call it a re-calibration of my energy field. It also happens when the body/mind are tired. Not enough to stop me from doing my duties as a father though, and with or without a re-calibration, life goes on and my kids need to go to school.

As I was driving my son to school, a memory came to mind.

A few years back, my son was having minor surgery and we were meeting the surgeon at her office. She was a nice older lady in her 60’s. We didn’t really talk about ourselves, more about the procedure, but as we were sitting there, I kept seeing her surrounded by people who looked as if they belonged to Rajasthan in Northern India, near the Himalayas. They had hiking gear, rifles, cigarettes, and they wanted to say hello to this lady. So after the interview, and while we were checking my son’s vitals in another room, I asked the surgeon “Have you been hiking recently, in Northern India, or the Himalayas?”

-Yes, she said, I was near the Himalayas last year.

-Are you a mountain climber?, I asked.

-Yes, we have a group of doctors that like to go on expeditions and hike mountains. I have been to the Alps with them, Southern Africa, and last year, India.

I told her that I was psychic and told her about the spirits in the room. I proceeded to describe the main spirit trying to contact her, the more animated one, the happier one. He was wearing a worn out straw hat, a very colorful cape, his skin was red and wrinkly, his teeth were brown, and he was proudly displaying a very long mustache. He just wanted to tell her he was doing good, that everything was OK, and that he was indeed very happy.

-I don’t know who that could be, she said.




Nearing the end of the data recording for my son’s vitals, the spirit of the man was still there. He was still happy and animated, despite the doctor not making the connection. The man looked at me and offered me a cigarette and some tea in a copper mug. He wasn’t going anywhere until the surgeon recognized him. So I told the surgeon “He is offering you a cigarette and some “minty tea” in a copper mug”. The image of the greenish thick mint tea was very strong, as was the smell. The words “minty tea” triggered something in the memory of the surgeon.

-You know, she replied, there was this older carrier who was a little bit sick, he did smoke a lot and brought me tea all the time.

When she made this realization, the spirit jumped in joy. He bid his goodbye and left, saying that he would be waiting for the next time she went to India, a message that I passed on.

-Yes, we are planning another trip to Nepal and Tibet, it takes time because of the travel requirements and restrictions, she informed me.

Having passed on the message of this newly departed, and finalizing all the paperwork for my son’s surgery, I carried on with my life in this magical world.

I AM at your service.


Later on in the day, and after a session of sexual alchemy with my wife (despite my re-calibration), I laid in bed adjusting the energies and the images that I had stirred. She was in the bathroom and called out “What time is it?”.

-It’s 2:52, I said.

Ah! The Alpha and The Omega. The Universe has a sense of humor, plus a very matter of factly way of letting you know you are never alone. Never.

If you are wondering about 2:52, and the Alpha and Omega, read here, Anger and Fear.

End of Transmission.


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