Love and Angels

I had an interesting evening talking to an elderly lady who likes to play the role of the victim. The dynamics are interesting. You can either get involved or ignore the situation. If you ignore it, you most likely will eventually feel bad for this person who is always asking for help, so you offer a hand. That leads you to get involved, except she will not take your help. Since you can’t do anything, you eventually ignore, until you feel bad again and offer help again. It is a circle that never, ever, will end.

This is the vicious circle created by some dark entities from the constellation of Draco.

They like to cry out for help constantly, rejoicing in the fact that people will come to their help. And when offered a way out, they always refuse it. It is more important for them to be a black hole that sucks energy, than to move on and evolve, or ascend. They just want to be the party poopers. They love chaos, conflict and confusion.

If you have identified one of these Dracos in you earthly (blood) family, run away. The Dracos use tools like bloodline, family, religion, finance, social status, etc., to keep you at their mercy. They will never change and they will never let you go.

How to deal with a Draco?

Very simple. You love them. You love the heck out of them. The vibration of love is so opposite to them that they will tell you to get away and go love someone else. They cannot stand light and love. And this is the best way to fight them back. They will find a way to stay far from you, they will not seek communication, they will not drain your energy. It is very simple.

Now, don’t think that every Draco will just walk away. Be careful. Some will fight you, so be very vigilant with how you handle your situation. Just like there are very evolved light beings, there are very evolved dark beings.

Then again, the best way to deal with them at all levels is Love. That is what all the Masters say, “Love is the answer”.


Today I also witnessed a minor traffic accident. From my car, all I could do was call on all the Angels and all the Light Beings nearby to come and help. I did so because one of the parties in the accident was a motorcyclist WITHOUT a helmet! Seriously. Anyway, all who were around were very calm and helpful, but the most interesting event was that in about seconds after my call for help, a beat-up four door sedan, with a Fire Department insignia on the door, parked itself in the scene of the accident. Again, a beat-up car with fading paint and a *tiny* Fire Department insignia on the door (?). I was curious about this.

Out came out a tall blonde being wearing sunglasses, he opened his trunk and he had an emergency toolkit. He started to provide help to the biker. He never took off his sunglasses while doing this.  As he was calmly walking about as if nothing had happened, he radiated a tenuous light that was hard to see under the Florida sunlight. I never saw him speak. This person was an Angel.

How amazing is this?! Angels do exist! And Angels come to help when you need them the most. And they have so much Love for humanity and the human condition. I am so grateful to have witnessed them in action. I connected with everyone at the accident scene at the heart level and left, knowing that everything was going to be just fine.

End of Transmission.


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