International Women’s Day

And so, today we celebrate International Women’s Day. May the light of the Universe shower down on all our beautiful women warriors and goddesses, bringing forth balance, harmony, love and peace.

As I was writing a message for the women in my family, they are like a clan, I received a crazy message from their collective Guardian Angels. This was crazy. All of them got together and voiced through my Guardian Angel a message for them. I have never experienced anything like that, although I know that telepathic communication happens with collectives often. The message went something like this:

Accept yourself as you are.
I AM the one who walks beside you.
I AM the one that knows you better than you know yourself.
I Love you so much I could never describe.
I AM with you always.
If you want to meet me, Love yourself as much as I do. Rise and you shall see me.



On other news, the energies that I have been anchoring in my body really wrecked me (being funny). But seriously, I think I have an idea of what arthritis feels like. My spine was hurting so bad, specially at all 7 chakra points, well, not the crown, but all other 6 nodules. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t lay, I couldn’t stand well, it was horrible. But now on the fourth night, I fell pretty relieved. I am actually writing on my bed, something that I couldn’t do just hours ago.

I have also been extremely receptive of messages and channels. I am also on a crusade against negative emotions, they truly affect me. I think that since the energy work at Tampa Galactic Awakening, my chakras are so open that when I hear an argument, my head hurts and I need to go for a walk. I need to bring peace into my home. It is all a work in progress, always.

Besides the hundreds of messages I have received telepathically, my mundane life has revolved around making a return at Bed Bath & Beyond, going to Chick Fil-A (I need to stop eating chicken and tuna, the only two meats I eat),  taking and picking up my kids from school, blah, blah, blah…

End of Transmission.


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