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I recently connected with Alan Pratt, an active healer in Florida, and he forwarded me the info for the “Tampa Galactic Awakening”. As things don’t just happen by chance, I jumped on it and drove to Tampa.

Of course, my physical state was not at par (if you read my previous posts), and I did feel that I needed a “minor” adjustment, or a little help. Also, I participate in many events to share my energy, bring in my guides, and connect. And I did for this event, except that instead of just sharing in the energy, I also received a major tune up, something I honestly wasn’t expecting.

Going back to my first post Anger and Fear, I had been instructed to let go of my anger, stored in the second, third and radiating towards my fourth chakra. I had no idea I would be working on this at the event, but yes, boom! It all came up. My light body was activated from top to bottom, and the clearing began. I was flying, I was receiving messages, I even though that I was on fire, that somebody had dropped a hot coal on me, I had to check myself. Anchoring the Light and the new energy in my physical body was intense.

Two things that I want to share.

First, the Mother Earth energy was very strong. We had shamanic healers so they called on the elementals and all benevolent and Divine energy that wanted to participate. As they walked around smudging, radiating energy, clearing, etc., I was able to connect to the Ancient Spirit of Mother Earth. It is not really a person, but an infinite amount of astral/auric energy layers. Just like when you see a wood eye, with a bunch of layers forming around and expanding. And the energy was very feminine. I felt blessed.

Second, as I was lay there having work done, I had a vision, and had the absolute positive feeling that we ALL had been together before. I felt an enormous surge of Love energy and I teared up, because all participants knew each other from previous lifetimes/experiences. But right after this huge realization, I felt a little bit of despair, because even though we knew each other from previous incarnations, we didn’t recognize each other in physicality! This made me a little bit angry, and I felt that things where unfair.

As I started to sink, a spirit guide came to help me, and asked me, “How do you recognize them?”. I replied I could feel their soul signature, and then he/she said, “Well, then all you have to do connect with them at the soul level in your physical dimension”, and that was it… simple as that.

Crazy, right?

Anyway, I am going to let my body process all this energy. Blessings.

Practitioners at the Tampa Galactic Awakening: Alan Pratt, Mira Lash, Monica Marrero, Buffy La Roux, Don Cooper, Michael McDonald, and Pete Tee Blue on guitars.

End of Transmission.


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