Memories and Sinchronicity

Humans are funny, we are funny, yes.

Today I was remembering an incident that bothered me. Something from a long time ago, something that always came up and made me feel bad about myself, number one, for being in the predicament, and number two, for acting poorly. I can’t exactly illustrate what it was because I asked to delete it from my memory, and truly, it was erased. That is the power of the decree, by the way.

Anyway, this “something” bothered, and it was always coming up, for years. I called in my Guardian Angel to help me navigate and be done with this “something” that not only no longer served me, but also always brought me down.

This is the conversation.

ME: Why is this still here? It happened so long ago. Every time I think of it, I feel dumb. Why can’t I get over it?

GA (Guardian Angel): Ah! Memories. Bad memories. Let me tell you something. This was a lesson that you needed to learn. It happened at the correct time and place. And yes, you learned the lesson, but you still keep the “file” at hand. Why?

ME: That’s what I want to know. It only bothers me.

GA: Well, understand that this was a lesson learned, and it no longer serves you, so ask for it to be removed.

ME: It’s done.

What this means is that even though we already learned the lesson, we still like to keep it around in our memory, but not as a reminder not to mess up again, but more as a reminder that we are imperfect and full of flaws, which may be true, but we don’t need to see ourselves as that. Plus, it hinders our self esteem and self love.

So, if there is an old situation that keeps popping up in your memory, make peace with it and send it to the recycling bin.


I had been wanting a new phone, mine is old, so I put the request out to the Universe. Last night, as I was enjoying my life, I walked right past a phone store and thought “Hey! My new phone”. I went in, found out about the prices, found it expensive and without incentive to purchase it there, so I left.

This morning, my wife reminds me about the phone, so we go online to look for deals, and Boom! I found a deal that was for this week only and saved $200 on a new phone. Just an example of how the Universe works, if you follow your intuition and do not doubt.

Oh! Yes, it would have been easier if someone told me “Make that deal!”. Funny though, because it actually happened. After I got my phone at the brick and mortar storefront, I went to look for a phone case (you always need a case), and someone came in out of the blue and told me “That is the best case for the phone you just bought, you have to buy it”. And he left. After a few seconds, feeling a little bit amused, I looked for him. Of course, he was gone.

It is all prepackaged for you, but assembly is required.

End of Transmission.


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