Be done with Grief

I was still thinking about my conversation with my Guardian Angel on Memories and Sinchronicity, about how we attach ourselves to certain situations that cause us grief. If I wasn’t clear enough, here we go again, with examples.

If you have a certain memory that pops up in your mind, let’s say, that one time where you missed child support because you wanted to take a cruise to the Bahamas, and then later the cops showed up at work to take you to jail, and you still think “what an idiot I was”, well, guess what? It’s over. You learned the lesson, let it go. Don’t call yourself an idiot no more.

Or how about this one? You had starved yourself to fit perfectly into your prom dress, and on prom night you were so hungry, you just wanted to get a burger, fries and a milkshake, and instead of kissing your prom date you stuffed your face with french fries and lost the love of your life because he thought you were a pig. Well, guess what? It’s over, it’s done, let it go. Don’t call yourself a pig no more.

This is unfortunately part of the Human programming, and yes, we will belittle ourselves. It works in this way so that we look for the perfect being, and that is how we create role models, relationships, icons, religion, etc. Except that, because of Universal Law, instead of getting a hero, we get someone who also has low self esteem and likes to manipulate individuals.

^^You have to read the fine print.

So, whenever you feel that memory coming back, yes, accept it, recognize it, entertain it if you wish, but then, just tell it to go away because you are done with it and it no longer serves you.

And all of this leads us to our great Ascended Master St. Germain, and the beautiful tool he is providing to Humanity: The Violet Flame. Use this tool to transmute, to change, to improve, and most important, to prevent. As it is written in his message to Humanity in “The Seven Sacred Flames” by Aurelia Louise Jones, the Violet Flame is available to you! Use it!

Another great tool is The Flaming Sword of Lord Micheal, or Archangel Michael, a sword that you can use to cut ties with everything that no longer serves you or that vibrates at a lower level than you.

By the way, I am only posting this because of our beloved Master St. Germain, who is very interested in our Ascension, and who is guiding us all.

End of Transmission.


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