A Walk-in Experience

Walk-ins are experiences where a new soul walks in your body. This new soul is normally a more experienced soul, more able to succeed in whatever mission you have set prior to your current incarnation. This is not a possession, which only happens in the movies (the worst you can do is watch horror movies, they are all fake).

Now, walk-ins and upgrades are different things. An upgrade happens to one of your subtle bodies, even your DNA, while a walk-in happens at the soul level. Also, as you ascend, your soul can radiate more light and energy, and more soul aspects are open to you. These are a type of walk-in, yet not necessarily. They feel like upgrades but at the soul level. It’s hard to explain.

Let me tell you about my first “conscious” walk-in experience.

I was 17 years old and I started to really wonder about alternate realities. I started to investigate and dive into Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Buddhism, metaphysics, and psychedelics. I knew there was something more tangible than pure theory and suppositions.

One night, I was invited to visit a¬†bioluminescent bay called La Parguera, in a city in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico. The bay is amazing because it’s like a neon water. Anyhow, after the visit, we were driving on a curvy and hilly road, and we got in a car accident, with no injuries, but a totally destroyed car.

This is what happened to me though. I remember that we were going up the hill, into a curve, and a car came up in the opposite direction. The driver and co-pilot freaked out and steered the car out of the road, flipping it and sinking the front of the two door sedan into a canal. As the car flipped, I hit the right side of my head on the glass window, to my right. At this moment, I blacked out and saw my short 17 year old life flash in front of my eyes. I saw myself traveling back, like a movie reel (I swear), slowly moving from earlier in the day to my previous birthday, to parties, family reunions, my parents divorcing, bunch of memories, and it all stopped in an image of my parents, my sister, me and my long gone dachshund dog. Here is where I said, “I am not dying here”, and I opened my eyes, only to find myself upside down trapped in a car that, incidentally, was slowly sinking into a canal.

Well, we all got out, no injuries and quite an experience. And I never really told many about this experience, which were two experiences to me, being 1)the accident and 2)the walk-in. I didn’t really feel different, although I knew something big had happened.

Almost 25 years later, as things were revealed to me by my guides, did this incident come through. I had a psychic confirm that a higher soul had walked in when I was 17 years old, and that it came in while I had a car accident.

That’s how the Universe rolls…

Now, not all walk-ins in my experience have been so radical, but this one was possibly the most extreme. I know of many people who have been extreme though, like heart attacks or loss of consciousness, they all come back a different person. Others, of course, are smarter and listen to the call, while others are lucky and have someone in physicality guide them. Whatever the situation, that is my walk-in story. One of, if I must say.

End of Transmission.


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