Free Will and Alignment

The issue of free will comes up a lot in the Light Worker community. I hear of many persons who are asked to perform certain requests by their guides, and even though they comply, they have to question the whole situation and ask “Where is my Free Will?”. Most of the time, they feel they have none.

Well, it seems that way, but when you are flying high, you are basically glad to be “of service”.

Here is my take. If you live a very nice life, are grateful, everything is wonderful, you are joyful and healthy, well, you are “in alignment”. If you add to this Divine communication, meaning some type of dialogue with your guides, guardian angels or higher self, and this goes both ways, then you are in “perfect alignment”. But people seem to forget that to be in “perfect alignment”, you need to put yourself aside and be “of service”.

I know it’s not easy, but for people who are ascending, there is a separation of self. You change and you become a different person. It’s radical. You become “The New Self” and you leave behind “The Old Self”. After the change, it becomes illogical and detrimental to go back. But often, nostalgia comes along and makes Light Workers wonder “What happened to my Free Will?”. Free will is always there, you are just a different person!

As you can see, and as some of you know, the process of Ascension is not an easy one. Separation of selves happen and people just forget they are a different person. It is the same body, you just have different qualities and talents, and you do other things. And people know this, they just forget.

If you are one of those who feel that your free will has been taken for granted, well, you can ask your guides to take it easy. Also, remember that we are under the illusion of time, so the requests can wait. But remember, if you are given tasks, it is because you have ascended and you are in “perfect alignment”, and therefore, “of service”.

End of Transmission.


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