Book Review: Contact From Planet Apu by Ricardo Gonzalez



There is a quiet group of reality shifters that come from the Southern part of the American continent, mainly the countries/regions called Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil. These people are slowly but surely entering into our psyche, making our existence more interesting and, in my own words, better.

Ricardo Gonzalez is a Peruvian contactee, born in Lima, Peru. He began to have telepathic communication as a teenager, and he was later invited to meet person to person in the jungles of Peru. After this unusual encounter, he continued to receive telepathic messages, with the added UFO sighting in the night skies of Lima, Peru. As things progressed, he was planning UFO sightings in the desserts of Lima, to the point where he was invited again to meet person to person. As the years have gone by, he has had several encounters and he is one of the most important messengers of the benevolent ET’s that contact us.

Book Review

This is perhaps one of the most interesting books you can read. It has a detailed timeline of how events occurred since the beginning of the South American contact experience, with the added bonus of Ricardo Gonzalez visiting the sites where contact took place. This book also narrates the story of how he was “initiated” as a messenger, as well as touching on several cases and hypothesis about Human Contact, Dimensional Jumps, government’s secrets, Exopolitics, etc.

Perhaps the more interesting parts in this book are his experiences with the beings of planet Apu. Who are these beings and why are they interested on Humanity is revealed in this book, and reading it will help you make the reality jump that Humanity is taking. It is good to know we are not alone in the Universe.

If you have the resources and the time to read something very interesting, this is the book to go for. Absolutely amazing and full of information. And yes, the full title is “Contact From Planet Apu: Beings from the future among us”.







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