That little voice

Something told me “Go clean out the yard”.

Eh, why? I just moved into this new property with a fairly large, yet manageable, backyard. I have a yard person that comes and cleans up and stuff, so why do I have to clean up?

“Go clean out the yard”, I heard again.

So here I go, to the big box retailer, to buy a rake because I have no yard cleaning tools, or any tools for that matter. Once home, I started cleaning, picking up a lot of dead leaves under the plants, and then, as I kept on, I found some type of construction that had been overtaken by nature. Something like in those archaeology documentaries. I found a one-foot tall wall, and a circular stone structure. I thought maybe a water well, which is crazy, but most likely just protection for a decorative tree, which may had been to focus point of this garden. Anyhow, I cleaned up, put away the dead leaves in bags, and continued with my life.

Then this week, the voice came back “Go clean out the yard”.

Uhgg… I guess just cleaning up is not enough, I need to uncover the structure. Of course, just a rake won’t do, now I need a machete. After an online search for machetes, I settle on a kukri style machete available at, yes, another big box retailer. So here I go, got the machete, and off to work.

So, now I am clearing up the vegetation, and I uncover a long wall and the stone circle. After further inspection, this structure is a fire pit. A fire pit. What? I had been wanting to buy a metal fire pit because I have an open space, enough to have a fire ceremony. But now that I have a fire pit, the search is over. Haha!

However… this makes me think. I do have an analytical mind, so bear with me.

  1. Manifestation is at its prime, meaning things manifest way faster, and this story is proof.
  2. How convenient that this happens days before the Vernal Equinox (March 20th, 2017).
  3. Who exactly owns this house I rent? Who is this person that uses intermediaries to contact me? Hmmm…

Things are in Divine Order, and So Shall It Be.

End of Transmission.


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