My Deceased Friend

Continuing from The Tipping Point

I was laying on my bed, the sun had just set in the distance. My lamp was lighting the pages of a book on spirituality I was reading. This had become a renewed obsession, as it had been in prior years.

Suddenly, right by the door that led to the hallway, my deceased friend’s image started to appear. I thought it was just an image stored in my memory, as I could see his reddish brown skin, his short hair, his aquiline nose, his perfectly white teeth. He was wearing a tight red shirt, a pair of jeans, and those silly black Converse tennis shoes that slightly pointed up. I said, mentally, “I Love You, man. Thanks for visiting”, and went back to my reading.

But he didn’t budge. Instead, he leaned to his right, trying to make eye contact with me. Then he said telepathically “Hey, Julio, it’s me. I’m OK”.

I was looking at this unfold, thinking in my mind “whatever”. I directed my sight to the left, kind of hoping this would go away, but instead this image remained in place. Then he said, clearly “Hey, Julio, it’s me. I’m fine”.

“Alright”, I thought, he is fine. I looked at him, and nodded in acknowledgement. He looked at me in the eye, acknowledged my gesture and started to dissipate in the air.

“That was interesting”, I reflected. I put down my book, and just laid there looking at the ceiling, processing what had just happened. I stayed there for a while, actually.


This apparition in my bedroom was the beginning of a series of events that had lead me to who I AM today: a multidimensional being with a mission. But let me not stray from my story.

When my deceased friend showed up in my bedroom, many questions were answered. The most important answer was that there is no hell, no purgatory, no limbo, no whatever you may want to call this place where “people who behave bad” go. Also, I found out what direct communication with spirit, in the waking moment, is like. Add to this the jump between dimensions, the holographic image, the telepathic communication back and forth, the unusual time and place, and above all, the feeling of certainty about his well-being.

This moment was almost crucial to me, as it allowed me to let go of many fears instilled since childhood by religious belief. The unthinkable had just happened to me, not a sorcerer or a witch, but me, your next door neighbor, a common father of two who had just quit his job. Well, imagine that.

End of Transmission.


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