The Tipping Point

My Re-awakening process was that: a process. It did not happen in one day, one week, one year. It took a span of more than a couple of years. This post will shed light on my process of re-awakening, as I had been awaken long before but I was what I consider “a sleeping cell”. I will also talk about my awakening on other posts.

Let’s begin…

It was the year 2012 (Funny right?). Things at work had started to go sour. This was my situation: I was in charge of taking my two kids to school, since my wife started working before dawn. It was impossible for me to be at work before dawn because of the reason I just presented, so I could only be there like normal people, at 9 a.m. Regardless of this, I was pushed into this type of schedule, starting at 5 a.m. Of course, I always showed up at 9 a.m. This slowed the process at work since I was an integral part of a larger operation. It was not easy.

Furthermore, drama unfolded at my workplace, and of course, I was caught in the crossfire of the big egos above me. If you have worked in a big corporation, you know that people under pressure get really, really nasty, and things are far from ideal. The environment at work was less than desirable, to say the least.

But I kept things flawless in my department.

While this was going on, one of my managers, and a friend of mine, committed suicide. I got the news while at work, early in the morning, and the news hit me like an explosion on my chest and my head. I felt guilty for not being there for him, I felt powerless, I felt puzzled because he had everything going for him (apparently). That day I just wanted to go home and lay down.

This event, however, put a big question mark on my psyche, and I had to re-evaluate my (at the time) Catholic/Christian beliefs. Did my friend go to hell? Purgatory? Limbo? What happened to my friend’s soul? My Buddhist training was of no help on this one.

As a consequence, I started to go back into my spiritual practice. I watched every show related to spirits, read many books about spirits, psychics, realities. I needed to know what happened to my friend. I also went to see psychics, just because I needed to connect to the Divine, to the Unseen.

While this exploration was going on in my private life, at work things were deteriorating. Despite being flawless, I was on the hot seat all the time. Imagine that. The fight between the big egos was getting regional attention and allegiances were being made. I was in a meeting almost every week because I was the worst and the best thing going on. Nothing made sense and everything revolved around me.

The end of my employment came when I asked for my vacation time. Things at work were so crazy that I was told I could never take a vacation. What? They had installed some type of “State of Emergency” in my department. This was so irrational that I gave my employer my two weeks notice and prepared myself for some sort of sabbatical.

Except the sabbatical never came.

As soon as I had put in my two weeks notice, my psychic gifts started to manifest. I started to go into meditation spontaneously, and serenity entered my life. I had a higher vision of the whole process, not only at work, but of Humanity. I always knew of the veil that distorts our reality, but now it had become a constant. I was slowly going back to my awakened state.

Then, one night, while I was reading a book on spirituality (what else?), my deceased friend showed up in my bedroom.

Continued on … My Deceased Friend


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