A Two-Dimensional Being

After my contact with My Deceased Friend, things were easy for me and also different. Being able to communicate with people who had passed on into non-physicality was now “normal”? It was something that I had experienced when I was a child, but never developed as a gift. I am spiritual, but I like the Human Experience too much (although sometimes it is too much, haha!).

Having this contact with my friend opened up my channels of communication, mainly my third eye and my crown chakra. How things developed over the next few months is hazy but I’ll do as best as I can.

After having this contact, I started to recover my omniscience. I had been awakened almost 20 years ago, when I was about 21 years old. At the time, I advanced pretty far but I needed to experience life (again) and I shut down into slumber, as what I call, a sleeping cell. I was a walking bodhisattva, of sorts, but I absolutely did not maintain any attributes of a bodhisattva except the connection to the Highest.

I will detail all that under the category Awakening when it is ready.

As I started to recover my omniscience, every question that I had regarding the Universe was answered instantaneously. Some questions, however, were not asked, because of my lack of omniscience. I know I am playing with words, but the reality was that even though I thought I had the answers to life and the Universe, I was far from knowing it all. In my reality, at the time, Humans were the only species in the Universe, and the Human condition/experience was the only experiment happening in All That Is.

I started to slowly gather information about the non-physical. I needed to explain to people the mechanics of life, their essence, their condition, karma, etc. I explored the unseen without fear, and I eventually knew enough to start putting it all down in paper.

But just as I was getting ready to tackle this, the Akashic Records opened up.

Boy! Was I in trouble! All of the sudden, lifetimes started to open up in front of me. I would receive the information in a matter of seconds, and this information would exponentially expand, to the point that I could seat several minutes contemplating and understanding an aspect of a lifetime, one aspect, but not the whole. Little bits were delivered every other day, or every other week, as deemed appropriate by my guides.

You may be wondering, how did this stop me from writing about our reality? Well, every bit of information shared related directly to every experience in this current life. I was reliving the past, but not the past from this lifetime, the past from hundreds if not thousands of years ago! Understanding this was an incredible and unique experience. I was on top of the world. I was becoming a being with complete knowledge of his soul history. This is amazing!

As I became more conscious of my soul, I felt more confident of my message to Humanity. We are souls who are part of a play, and all we have to do is play the part, and play it well.

End of Transmission


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