Selenite for Ascension Symptoms

As the planet heals itself, and this may take a long time, there are several ailments that affect those on the surface. Some like to refer to these ailments as “Ascension Symptoms”, although there is no obvious way to point them out.

For example, on the mild end of the scale there is chronic fatigue, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, etc. But “Ascension Symptoms” can be as severe as extreme pain (arthritis), tumors, mental disorders, etc. Of course, the way to properly treat these symptoms is to balance holistic healing with medical treatment. I recommend you visit a reiki practitioner or someone who practices other energetic healing modalities, but also participating in ceremonies where there is fire, water, crystals, smudging, smoke, wind, nature, etc., helps a lot. Sound healing through singing bowls, drumming, frequency play, etc., also helps.  If you are suffering from these symptoms, ask the Universe to be guided to the right practitioner. It’s as easy as that.

There is one symptom that I want to pinpoint in particular, and this is swollen ankles. I know it may sound trivial, but swollen ankles and feet are an indication of poorly channeling the energy through your body. If you add other conditions to this swelling, you could be in trouble of having to visit the Emergency Room. And this is serious, yet it can be prevented.

The remedy that I have been given to clean myself (and others), is to buy a stick of selenite (any length), and to use it like a lint roller, and “brush” it all over my body. It’s like taking a “dry shower”, but always visualizing that as you “brush”, you are cutting energies from your field and they are falling on the floor. Selenite is also a crown chakra activator, so make sure to do some spirals over your head with your stick of selenite. Very important: clean the soles of your feet (feet chakras). When you are feeling happy, clean, and done, take two steps in any direction, point to your pile of energetic debris, and ask for the energetic debris to transmute to a higher frequency. Do this as much as you need it and as many times as you need it. Ideals times are before going to bed, coming home from work, after being in traffic or any stressful situation.

Again, visit a qualified practitioner, or MD, for these symptoms, or learn how to “let go” of this in your meditations. Changing the way you eat also helps, as does drinking a lot of water.

PS: As much as I dislike the state of Modern Medicine and the whole Prescription Scam, remember that they are part of our reality, so plan accordingly in regards to your health needs and if you have to go to a doctor, you just have to.

End of Transmission.


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