With a Being from The Lost Continent of Mu

I had somewhat slacked on my meditation practice, but I am back at meditating daily. I think at one point I did three meditations daily, but since I have been pushed back into the 3D, I have been meditating only once daily. I prepare to go to bed though, so that is like a meditation, but to sit and have a connection and vision, that I only do once a day, everyday.

Anyway, so I had an interesting meditation to share.

At first I received some geometry into my body, to attune the body to the current energy that is flowing from the Sun. I received two shapes, one static and one dynamic. One anchored the energy, and the other tuned in. All this reached several energy nodes within my body, and re-calibrated my auric field. Very interesting and good for my physical body.

However, the second part was the most exciting. As I was sitting, I felt the light body of a being descend into the room, and blend with my body. I could see this happen from every angle, so first I saw this being. This being was a male, and he was wearing Andean clothing, and he had a gold scepter on the right hand and a sphere on the left. He was sitting on something like a gold throne, or maybe stone, and I am not too sure if I saw any markings or designs.

Intuitively, I felt that this was an Inca. Not from the Inca culture, but the highest leader of this clan. Then I heard the name Pachacutiq, which is quechua dialect and means “shaker of the Earth”. I have knowledge of Peruvian culture, so all this was very familiar to me. His light body came down and we merged. After a moment, I got the image of Pachaqutiq standing, and he was a giant!

I anchored the energy and that was it for the time being.


Later on, I started feeling some tenderness on the left side of my chest. I don’t like when this happens, as in my memories and reality, this seems to be a bad indication of a health issue. But as I tried to figure out what was going on, my father, who lives in another country, messages me saying “I miss you”. So I called him immediately.

As we talked, his longing and nostalgia was relieved, but I felt that the need to speak of my meditation with him (just like I am doing now). So I did, but by this time I had much more information.

So, this Pachaqutiq was a leader, both high priest and statesman, and someone who led the Inca culture into the Andes. This group came from inner Earth, around the area of Lake Titicaca, where they had remained for some time. Apparently, his group escaped from the lost continent of Mu. This part of the information matches the legend of the Incas, except for the migration of Mu. Instead, they came from the Sun.

Now, the difference between the Incas that Pachaqutiq represents and the Incas that history portrays as conquerors, is that this Pachaqutiq is the real Pachaqutiq, and he was around before all the ancient cultures of Peru existed. We are talking 100,000 BC-30,000 BC.

The other difference, also important, is that Pachaqutiq was a leader and a shepherd of men and women. He never conquered, instead he spread love and compassion.

But maybe the most important one is that he was a giant, and that this race of Incas were giants. Also, they point to the Sun as the place of origin, but when they do this, they imprint the word Venus.

To summarize, the real Incas were a race of giants that came from Venus, around 100,000 years ago, lived in the continent of Mu, migrated temporarily to the Lake Titicaca region, and later claimed the tops of the Andes in Peru as their new settlement.

Let me remind you, this is the conversation I was having with my father, who is totally a 3D character. But he enjoyed the information. Also, the tenderness on my chest is gone. Empath anyone?

End of Transmission.


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