The man in the white robes

When I started to re-awaken, and when my lifetimes in my Akashic records started to open up to me, I got an imprint of a man in white robes, with his head covered.

I always wondered who this man was. I thought, by the looks of it, that it was a druid. I love making fires, I like herbs and natural medicine, I think eating healthy is the best medicine, I like the hermit mystic, I identify with druids, so I thought that maybe this was a lifetime. But I never got lifetime information from this man.

One time, based on this man, I asked to open the records of Stonehenge. I saw someone who had the same energy as this man in white robes ending his life in a battle at Stonehenge.

Still, this man kept just walking around, and I could never see his face.

My curiosity about this man, whose records I had seen, or so I thought, was very intriguing. I have a lot of information about who I am, but this was escaping my grasp. So, when I scheduled a QHHT, for curiosity’s sake, I asked my higher self “Was I a druid, and was I in Stonehenge?”.

To my surprise, when this question came up in the QHHT session, my higher self laughed and gave a rotund “NO”.


When I was a little kid, I used to dream of this old man who would always tell me everything was going to be OK. He would always sit in a wooden chair and call me to his side to comfort me. I was a sickly child, and I suffered really acute asthma attacks that made me spend days in the hospital.

After years of dreaming with this man, I one day went to visit my grandma. My aunt lived with her, and this day, she was cleaning her closet. She had a passport sitting on the table, and I asked her what was that. She said, “It’s your grandpa’s passport”.

My grandpa died the year before I was born. He was a truck driver and a bus driver, and he became the founder of the syndicate of drivers, and later ran for a seat in senate/congress. He was the typical success story.

My aunt grabbed the passport and showed me the stamped visas of Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, etc. My grandfather had traveled to foreign countries with the government, and he was my aunt’s hero. I wanted to hold the passport and explore it, but she wouldn’t let go. I asked to see his name, so she went to the first page and showed me his name, right under his picture. I looked at it, turned my head to look at my aunt and told her.

— “I dream with him.”


I can’t pinpoint exactly what triggered the vision I had today. I don’t know if it was reading about living in separate dimensions, or if it was reading about covenants and paganism. The point is, the man in the white robe came back.

As I was sitting on my bed, in my room, with my laptop on my right, a journal at my feet and a book on my left hand, I see the man in the white robes come into my sight. At first I was surprised, I haven’t seen him in a while, but as I kept looking, he was standing right in front of me. As we shared the space, he lifted his hands and proceeded to remove his hood and show me his face. His skin is a darker red, and he has a long white beard and mustache, but the features are unmistakable.

My grandpa is back!


End of Transmission



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