Message To Lightworkers

Lightworkers are very important in the process of Ascension, yet some don’t know what to do after they receive the Light and become Enlightened.

When I was reawakened, the first message I got was to look for people. I desperately needed this, because all the information I had received was mind blowing. And I did. Interestingly enough, I didn’t need to ask around much. One of my online friends posted a picture of numbers and angels, so she was my first contact. When I saw her, I recommended the book “Angel Numbers 101” by Doreen Virtue. This led her to tell me of a meditation circle, and at this circle I confirmed all the information I was getting. All in one shot. From then on, I kept meeting more and more Lightworkers.

However, the message to look for people did not end there. Once I felt comfortable with the information, the energy, and the mission, I was asked to communicate it.

Over a couple of years, I have explored several communities and met many Lightworkers, some of which are providing services and healing, in the true spirit of the Lightworker. But I must say, and I don’t want to sound critical, the vast majority of illuminated starseeds are content to call themselves Lightworkers and, while they walk the planet spreading Love and Light, they do it in a very humble way and do not understand why they are here. If you feel that you are a Lightworker, you must rescue people, and you must do it gently.

Also, if you are a part-time Lightworker: Be yourself at all times!

This is the situation in the world: people are broken. There are many people who are looking for an answer to many spiritual questions, they just don’t have anybody to ask, because 1) they don’t want to be called weird, 2) they are just confused. Lightworkers need to use verbal communication with people, they need to encourage people, they need to give people hugs, they need to tell people I understand what you are going through, etc.

It is easy to be yourself around your friends, but can you do it around broken people? Well, are you a Lightworker, or not?

End of Transmission


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