Book Review: The Forgotten Promise by Sherry Wilde


Where to begin… Do we believe in life contracts? Do we believe in the benevolence of Humanity? Do we have the capacity to love interstellar beings and co-create with them? Are we really the masters of our own reality?

I believe that we are majestic beings who have an innate desire to create, and this not only encompasses our own reality, but all the aspects of our self (parallel time/reality). To keep track of all these timelines seems impossible, at least in our physicality. It basically is, what it is.

I have been wanting to review this book for quite some time because it may be the most accessible story regarding “abduction”, told from the first person. And now I finally do because I have been running into people who are experiencing this phenomenon.

Book Review

Even though this book is not a literary gem, it eloquently puts down the message of an “abductee”: I was not abducted. Shery Wilde was having the many symptoms of sufferers of alien abduction, and when she finally submitted to hypnosis, all her questions about “missing time” were answered.

At the beginning she thought that she was a captive of a group of extraterrestrials, but as she developed awareness, she finally met her “visitors” face to face and actually had an interaction in which she learned not only of her voluntary participation, but of the nature of the program that she was part of.

For those who have experienced “lost time”, “sleep paralysis”, “lights”, “body marks”, “strange dreams”, and a lot of so called paranormal activity, this book is a must. It not only provides a first account of the whole “abduction” phenomenon, but it actually delivers insight. A very interesting read that may bring peace to your heart.

You can watch Sherry Wilde on Youtube also.


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