Create a Sacred Space Part 2

Creating a Sacred Space, in the spiritual world, is as important as daily protecting yourself and daily aligning yourself. In this Part 2, I will discuss creating an etheric/multidimensional sacred space. A lot of people, when they meditate, like to go wherever their mind takes them. They are basically wandering in the etheric realms, and […]

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Create a Sacred Space Part 1

There are two types of Sacred Spaces that you can create. One is a physical space, and the other an etheric/multidimensional one. In this Part 1, I will talk about a physical sacred space, and in the following Part 2, I will talk about the etheric/multidimensional sacred space. The best place to create your sacred […]

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The Rise of the Empath

Thanks to those diligent Lightworkers and Starseeds who are working on the ascension of Humanity, more and more people are becoming intuitive. Lightworkers and Starseeds working on themselves act as beacons of light, and this light attracts more and more people. Little by little, those that were unaware of their own light are opening themselves […]

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Transmutting Anger to Love

Here’s a personal practice. Anger is one of the base emotions, meaning that it is a very grounding emotion, a very visceral emotion. Anger is also located at the bottom of the vibrational scale, meaning that it is a very mundane vibration (versus spiritual or non-physical). It doesn’t mean that anger is a bad emotion, […]

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How to end a relationship

I think that most romantic and intimate relationships end when things go sour and one person can no longer stomach the other, and I use stomach because the feeling of incompatibility is a very visceral process and centered in your solar plexus, or third chakra. When things go sour, we tend to turn our back […]

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Our children come pre-programmed

It always amazes me to see how much children know. In our cloudy society/culture, we think that dealing with children is homologous to dealing with talking tumbleweeds.¬†We always think that we are introducing children to new subjects because we consider them to be a blank page paired with a blank stare. We also think that […]

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Is your GPS enabled?

Did you know that all humans, beings of light and from the light, come equipped with what is called a GPS (Global Positioning System), just like phones, computers and cars. We all have it to help us navigate through life’s emotions and situations, and we all have gone from point A to point B. Now, […]

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