Message To Lightworkers

Lightworkers are very important in the process of Ascension, yet some don’t know what to do after they receive the Light and become Enlightened. When I was reawakened, the first message I got was to look for people. I desperately needed this, because all the information I had received was mind blowing. And I did. […]

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Selenite for Ascension Symptoms

As the planet heals itself, and this may take a long time, there are several ailments that affect those on the surface. Some like to refer to these ailments as “Ascension Symptoms”, although there is no obvious way to point them out. For example, on the mild end of the scale there is chronic fatigue, […]

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Be done with Grief

I was still thinking about my conversation with my Guardian Angel on Memories and Sinchronicity, about how we attach ourselves to certain situations that cause us grief. If I wasn’t clear enough, here we go again, with examples. If you have a certain memory that pops up in your mind, let’s say, that one time […]

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Memories and Sinchronicity

Humans are funny, we are funny, yes. Today I was remembering an incident that bothered me. Something from a long time ago, something that always came up and made me feel bad about myself, number one, for being in the predicament, and number two, for acting poorly. I can’t exactly illustrate what it was because […]

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The face of your Experience

Lots of experiences we go through, in life, are normally attached to a certain someone. Examples of someones are an ex-husband/wife, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, but the list also extends to family members, schoolmates, friends, bullies, coaches, encompassing basically everyone. That individual (or someone), believe it or not, is only facilitating that experience, as he/she is only a […]

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An Unlimited Vision

How many times do we hear “Life doesn’t make sense”? How many times do we see people suffering, and we are left with the feeling of powerlessness and anguish? Is there anything we can do? Yes, there is. You can spread the truth. You can spread the truth in a very simple way. All you […]

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Focus on Happy

People want to be happy. I don’t know if it is because happiness has word of mouth advertisement, or because once you have a taste of happiness you know it’s a good feeling, but that is a fact: People want to be happy. I mean, if you are happy, what else is left to do? […]

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