A Two-Dimensional Being

After my contact with┬áMy Deceased Friend, things were easy for me and also different. Being able to communicate with people who had passed on into non-physicality was now “normal”? It was something that I had experienced when I was a child, but never developed as a gift. I am spiritual, but I like the Human […]

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My Deceased Friend

Continuing from┬áThe Tipping Point I was laying on my bed, the sun had just set in the distance. My lamp was lighting the pages of a book on spirituality I was reading. This had become a renewed obsession, as it had been in prior years. Suddenly, right by the door that led to the hallway, […]

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The Tipping Point

My Re-awakening process was that: a process. It did not happen in one day, one week, one year. It took a span of more than a couple of years. This post will shed light on my process of re-awakening, as I had been awaken long before but I was what I consider “a sleeping cell”. […]

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