Update for March 2017


Writing is part of me.

It is hard not to be distracted in this exhilarating reality which we have created and which we immerse ourselves in.

In this I AM Ascension blog, I had tried to post messages from my guides, then I added book reviews to share what I was reading, and I had thought of doing a little bit of YouTube, but to balance it all is very difficult for me.

I AM incorporating “Daily Post” to illustrate my daily life, which I think is where my guides want me to go. As you read, you will find out that I AM just another human being who manages his life between the sublime and the mundane, the sacred and the common place. I AM of the Light and my experience is positive, and for those who are looking to better themselves, well, here I AM.

I have guided many friends, so feel free to comment and ask questions. I AM sharing my experience with no filter, and obviously with no secret agenda. I AM of the Light, as are you.

May the Light of the Universe and All That Is shine upon You.

I Love You and I love your experience. Together we will make this transition of Mother Gaia and Humanity a beautiful event. Yes, this is The Event.

Blessings. I give you all my Love.